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Apparel & Fashion ERP

Oracle ERP for Apparel and Textile Manufacturing & Distribution

Competition is tough in the fashion industry. Apparel manufacturing and distribution companies must work harder and harder to offer an increasingly wide range of products at the best possible price. Consumers have become accustomed to “fast fashion”. They expect continuous innovation, which means that clothing manufacturers and distributors are under pressure to get the product to market quickly. The fashion product lifecycle is getting shorter.

Learn More: JD Edwards Datasheet for Attribute Management

Customer Case Study: How JD Edwards helped Sennheiser 

In this video, Sennheiser's IT Director talks about why  Sennheiser chose JD Edwards ERP because of its flexibility and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Benefits delivered by the ERP include:

  • Better control of Inventory
  • Standardised processes which allow them to "do more with less"

Redfaire's Apparel & Textile Industry Experience

Our Oracle JD Edwards consultants have worked with some of the world's leading fashion brands as well as international textile distributors in Europe and Asia.

As well as a deep knowledge of the JD Edwards Apparel module, our consultants also understand the key challenges for companies in this fast-moving, highly competitive sector.   

Our ERP consultants have considerable experience managing complex product assortments throughout the entire supply chain and can help you manage product scarcity, buffer stocks, and balance sizes to ensure consistent delivery and optimize profits.

Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Apparel Management

Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Apparel Management Module delivers complete enterprise management of complex product assortments throughout the entire supply chain for distribution and manufacturing companies. It will help you to:

  • Optimize Sales and Marketing
    • Maximize revenue and profitability through the use of allocations management
    • Achieve greater visibility into consumer and market demand
    • Deliver targeted products, offers, and marketing across multiple channels
  • Improve Product Quality, Service Levels, and Competitive Advantage
    • Implement competitive cost per unit of measure 
    • Ensure consistent quality 
    • Provide customer-specific products based upon effective allocation rules
  • Enable Consumer-Driven Supply Chains
    • Accurately identify and respond to consumer demand
    • Reduce cost and increase efficiency within complex supply-chain networks 
    • Optimize transportation and logistics operations

JD Edwards Apparel ERP Software - Solution Highlights

  • Gain enhanced visibility and ability to maintain information such as fabric composition and cleaning codes
  • Manage risk effectively, and simulate changing business conditions to develop strategic contingency plans
  • Manage up to ten product attributes (e.g. size, color, style, fabric rating, UV rating, etc.) 
  • Gain profitability insight into product, channel, customer and manufacturing levels
  • Maximize data entry efficiency with matrix order entry for sales and purchase orders and work orders 
  • Dynamic order priority definitions via allocations – top/ bottom, color and size management
  • Manage catalogs, seasonal offers, and multiple collections
  • Benefit from multi-currency and multi-language capabilities 
  • Product data management, routing creations and outsource operations
  • Add further modules when business needs change and operations grow

The Benefits of Oracle’s Apparel Management ERP Solution

Textile and fashion manufacturers around the world, including some of the world’s leading brands, choose Oracle JD Edwards ERP thanks to:

  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Flexibility - Open Platform choices
  • Speed of implementation
  • Ability to support companies of all sizes with easily configurable applications.

Choosing a tier one ERP to run your Clothing Manufacturing or Distribution business is a wise choice. By choosing Oracle you will be able to benefit from huge investment in R&D made by Oracle. You can, for example, benefit from Oracle's In-Memory technology with Oracle JD Edward's EnterpriseOne Sales Advisor. The E1 sales advisor will help you to make better decisions and with greater speed, as it can quickly aggregate, and summarize real-time customer, product, and sales information.


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